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This is a place i own, you can find my interests, skills, resume or contact, but you can not find my social ID, B.W.H( vital statistics ) and how rich i am.

Have a wonderful day! — Amon

1. English Version

1.1. About This Site

One of this site’s style that is the top and both sides have bright black words written in the red background was i copied from Chinese. People decorate their front door with the red scrolls in the eve of Chinese New Year is a tradition. The right, left, top scrolls constitute Chinese Spring Festival Scrolls. The right scroll means “To learn without thinking is blindness”. The left scroll explains “To think without learning is idleness”. This two scrolls cited from Confucius. And the top sentence i made is expressing “Focus on both learning and thinking to demonstrate ethics”. They always remind me to be clever and smart in attending to affairs.

This website was born in the some day of the second millennium. Meanwhile, a big internet wave slapped to everyone. Inevitably i bought a domain name from in Taiwan, too. It was named On 15 December 2006, i registered a more globalizing domain was called from .

The first version of this site was wrote in pure html. According to time sequence, the other after versions were programmed with Perl CGI, PHP, Python CGI( with Django ), Python on Google App Engine . Now, i decided to change the construction tools of this site from custom to Google Sites service because Google has the full feature web design tool. The changing frequency of this site was very low because my status of life phase was transformed slowly, it is not worth to maintain a program project to display my details.

But after few days, i realized the Google Sites is not suited for a web programmer, because it’s too simple to a person who has crazy love on programming. So i changed to use Python-Sphinx to generate my websites. Sphinx is a reStructuredText-based documental generating tool which mainly apply to software project. I can treat the web page as a source code that lay on a Mercurial repository ( I set my personal website in a open source project is hosted on, and the licenses is BSD ).

The purpose of my detail page is only one describes who i am, and using the same content in ten different languages: English, 正體中文, español, 日本語, português, Deutsch, العربية( Arabic ), français, русский, 한국의. The list is sorted by the language usage amount of the world wide web( 2010, Top 10 Languages used in the internet ).

1.2. About Me

My English nickname is “Amon”(pronounce as A pple + si mon) and the internet ID is “hoamon”, this name was came from an evil vampire(Antonio Banderas) of the movie: “Interview with the vampire”. But a few years later, i found this was a mistake, his name should be “Armand”. Although it is a wrong name, this still can remind me to read a lot, because this name is the same as a Chinese general in history of the Three Kingdoms.

My Chinese born name is 何岳峰. If you have no appropriate font on the OS, ho-yueh-feng is the image you can see.

My English name(in transliteration) is Ho, Yueh-Feng that only used in official document like bank account, passport, credit card, journal and thesis.

1.2.1. Present job

  1. Postdoctoral researcher in Construction management division, Department of Civil Engineering , NCHU .
  2. SOHO( Small Office and Home Office ) Programmer and Consultant .

1.2.2. Contact

1.2.3. PGP keys

Now key ID: 0x29E21FFB email
Expiry date: 2016-07-20
Fingerprint: E2E5 89C4 9C36 44CB 18BA FDF5 D946 6001 29E2 1FFB
Used key ID: 0x244E7AEB email
Expiry date: No limit( but i don’t use it anymore, except sign my new keys )
Fingerprint: 39D5 9857 E340 2EB5 F3AD C7E8 98D0 4DDD 244E 7AEB

1.3. Resume

I have a positive attitude to do every work, don’t be afraid to ask questions and gladly share knowledge to my colleagues. My character is to be neither jealous nor greedy. I rode into the road of programming and system management for a reason which is command from my advisor. He asked me to build a web site in the second year of graduate institute. So i dive into this mass from ASP+IIS to PHP+Apache, and then Linux, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Perl, Python, Django, Google App Engine, Amazon Web Service. It(Open Source) totally open my eye view.

1.3.1. Educational and working experience

All my schools were located at Taichung, Taiwan. Might be the reason is i don’t like travel. The longest stay school is Civil Eng., NCHU. It spend my 11 years life. My major research is Construction Management. The dissertation of bachelor’s degree is Optimize Tower-crane location(s) using Network Programming, and the doctoral dissertation is Modeling Asphalt Pavement Overlay Transverse Cracks and High Performance Concrete Using Levenberg-Marquardt Genetic Operation Tree.

I have three job experiences until now. First one was a network administrator charged to manage the systems of RADIUS, NAT, File sharing, Source Version Control, DB. And i also wrote some web program, like wi-fi service payment system.

My second job was a assistant of graduates career guidance section of National Chi Nan University to analyze and write the reports of graduated, programming enterprise visits and handle web sites.

The Last work was the programmer of my academic advisor. In the working period, i build two construction management web sites: RCM(~2012/09) and FES(~Present) .

1.3.2. Specialty

The major specialty is programming, i can resolve problems in the fields below here with Python, Javascript or others.

  1. Ask good question then find the answer and excellent communication with others in Mandarin.
  2. Reading: have passion to break complicated books.
  3. Optimization:
    1. Mixed Integer Program: A special case in linear programming applied to any linear optimization problem .
    2. Levenberg-Marquardt Method: Solve the best-fitting parameters in a non-linear equation .
  4. Data Mining:
    1. Cluster Analysis: “Assigning a set of objects into groups (called clusters) so that the objects in the same cluster are more similar (in some sense or another) to each other than to those in other clusters” .
    2. Association Rule: To discovery unknown relations in a huge transaction .
  5. Financial Mathematics:
    1. Binomial Trees for Option: Option Evaluation .
    2. Engineering Economics: Evaluate the economic viability of a engineering project .
  6. Construction Management:
    1. Experiment Modeling: To build a model from experimental data .
    2. Scheduling(CPM-based): Set a work list to satisfy resource leveling .
    3. Information System: Improve productivity by information system likes RCM, FES.
  7. System Administration:
    1. Ubuntu Linux: I used to use Mandriva , Fedora , but now i prefer Ubuntu .
    2. Apache/Nginx/lighttpd: The HTTP Daemons.
    3. MySQL/PostgreSQL: The relational databases.
    4. Other Open Source Application: Django, Mercurial, iptables.
  8. Programming:
    1. Python: My favor language used to solve math problem, build web site and manage system.
    2. Javascript and HTML5: It will dominate next generation of user interface.
    3. PHP, Perl: Was mine, but long time no use.

1.3.3. Professional Interests

  1. Optimization:
    1. Dynamic Program
    2. Powell Optimization
    3. Genetic Algorithm
    4. Particle Swarm Optimization
  2. Data Mining:
    1. Principal Component analysis
    2. Factor analysis
    3. Decision Tree
    4. Neural Network
    5. Pattern Alignment
  3. Mathematics:
    1. Combination Mathematics
    2. Linear Regression
    3. Analytic Hierarchy Process
  4. Construction Management:
    1. Linear Scheduling Method
    2. Expert System
    3. Site Layout
    4. Computer Simulation
    5. Engineering Insurance

1.3.4. General Interests

There are many things i dived into, for example, reading English book to pretend my good English level, chatting everything with others, strolling in library and book store to be a fake literary youth. However, now be lost in world of open source, and dream to improve everyone’s life with it and enhance their confidence to make them be hackers. To limit the scope, i will say the reading is my best favor. Finance, Science Management, Mathematics, Computer Science, Computer Programming and History are my major reading.

After thirty, i was loved to exercise. Jogging is usually one, the second is cycling, and the others are swimming and hiking(short-distance climbing). And joined three regular competition: 2011 Marathon in Nantou , 2010 Triathlon in Taitung and 2012 Triathlon in Taitung.

1.4. Chronicle List

‘12.08 ~ Now Served Postdoctoral researcher in Construction management division, Dep. of CE, NCHU and SOHO Programmer and Consultant.
‘07.09 ~ ‘12.8
Doctoral program in Department of Civil Engineering, National Chung Hsing University , Taichung City, Taiwan 402, Republic of China.
  • ‘09.10 Got Ph.D. candidate
  • ‘12.8 Be Ph.D.
‘06.09 ~ ‘07.9 Served chief programmer of research project of NCHU
‘06.08 ~ ‘06.9 SOHO for programming and system administration
‘05.07 ~ ‘06.7 Served assistant of graduates career guidance section of National Chi Nan University.
‘04.09 ~ ‘05.7
Chung-Hwa wideband best network
  • ‘05.6 certificated from 1st short course of integrating web service and wireless telecommunications.
‘00.09 ~ ‘02.6
Graduate Institute of Civil Engineering of NCHU
  • ‘00.9 ~ ‘01.6 Served general affair administrator of surveying and information engineering section.
  • ‘00.9 ~ ‘02.11 Served teaching, researching and administrative assistant of Dr. Hsie.
  • ‘01.9 ~ Now fall in love with my forever lover.
  • ‘02.4 ending nine years’ smoking life.
  • ‘02.6 ~ ‘02.11 part-time worker at extension centrality.
‘96.09 ~ ‘00.6
Department of Civil Engineering of National Chung Hsing University
  • ‘96.9 ~ ‘97.6 Served public relation practitioner of class A of 36th civil dept.
  • ‘99.9 ~ ‘00.6 Served chief editor of NCHU graduation yearbook.
  • ‘00.1 ~ ‘00.7 Served chief of general affair section of 4th Construction Engineering and Management Conference.
‘95.10 ~ ‘96.6 Dong Hwa cram school
‘92.09 ~ ‘95.6
National Taichung Second Senior High School
  • ‘93.9 ~ ‘94.6 Served chief leader and master of flag-raising ceremony.
  • ‘93.6 rode on nine years’ smoking way.
  • ‘93.9 ~ ‘94.6 Served public relation practitioner of Debate Club.
  • ‘94.9 ~ ‘95.6 Served president of Chun-Hui Club.
  • ‘94.9 ~ ‘95.6 Served vice leader.
‘89.09 ~ ‘92.6
Taichung Municipal Sz-Yu Junior High School
  • Served discipline leader.
‘83.09 ~ ‘92.6 Taichung Municipal Heping Elementary School
1977.10 born in Taichung.

1.5. My Other Site

1.7. CopyLeft

Please take a look at the bottom of this page, i use the CC BY-SA unported License. Simply says, You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work). And If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to this one. If you want the further detail, please go to .

Any Suggestion are Welcome~

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